Admission Procedure

1Age: Between 17-24 years extendable to 26 years at the discretion of JET INDIA Management.
2Every applicant is required to comply with the following to complete the Admission procedure.

Training Methodology/ Tools used

JET INDIA is committed to the Training and Development of its trainees who are keen on making a career in diversified fields. It has adopted a "consultative" approach in its training. It follows a developmental/mentor model of training, which emphasizes the acquisition and progressive advancement of professional skills through Supervision, Modeling and Teaching. The theory sessions are conducted in the form of classroom training. We follow an integrative approach towards training and various Audio/Video Training Aids are consequently used.

To conduct these sessions, the tools used are:

  • Overhead Projectors
  • Written Notes
  • Slides
  • Training Films

Assessment Methods

  • JET INDIA uses judicious blend of strategically designed Assessment Tools to provide data forth Evaluation. Assessment is the measurement of the practical results of the training in the work Environment. The students are assessed from time to time through a series of activities and various other Techniques like:
    • Viva
    • Projects/ Assignments/Tutorials
    • Practical Situation Handling
    • Group Discussions
    • Role Plays
  • Objective Type Questionnaires - All these Evaluation methods are given receptive weight age in terms of marks so as to encourage the Trainees to participate, thus making them more sincere and active. These are all controlled by the examination controller at the corporate office who maintains a high level of confidentiality in the entire process.