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JET INDIA INSTITUTE is a division of IIBM (International Institute of Business Management) and also associate partner of Champs EduTech Private Limited started in 2000, from past 20 years running successfully to cater the hospitality and growing demands for trained management professional under Government of Maharashtra.

All Academies & Institutes claim to offer quality training in Aviation Industry, but the question is how many of them really deliver when it comes to course recognition under Govt. of Maharashtra, or course syllabus approved by MSBVE and the tie ups with airlines, hotels etc. for student’s placement. We at JET INDIA INSTITUTE would like to open your eyes to all these traits which other aviation institutes are showing to students. JET INDIA INSTITUTE OF AVIATION AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT is the first one to have its courses recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra.


Our Mission

To impart quality training to its students by setting up innovative and quality standards to contribute to the growing demand of manpower in the aviation, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Our Vision

JET India Institute’s vision for all intents and purposes is to be one of the topmost institutes in the aviation and hospitality sector within a span of 1 year in a particularly big way.

Sheetal Varnekar
Chairman's Message

Dear Trainee,

Keeping in view the present competitive environment, the JET India institute of Aviation & Hospitality Management opens the door to all young aspirants to achieve their goal through various exhaustive R & D and meticulous planning. Our Courses have been designed by the experts as per the industry requirements. At the institute, we will mature & have your skill to bring out the professional in you through a highly qualified panel of professional trainers from India & abroad. Our rigorous training program and periodic evolution will inculcate a sense of aesthetics & make you ready to face and conquer the competitive world. Our placement cell will provide the student with 100% job opportunity assistant and help them grow further in their career.

The Institute has state of the art infrastructure for its students, keeping in mind the industry requirement to create a leader in you.

Joining JET INDIA INSTITUTE means having an edge over the other professionals in the industry. All the best to all students and May you excel and grow in your career with our institute.

Sheetal Varnekar

Chairperson, IIBM’s JET India

HOD's Message

JET INDIA is sincerely committed to the promotion of excellence in the field of service industry & has a professional impact in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel, & tourism & Cruise industry. This has resulted in great demand for service industry professionals all over the globe. Indians have excelled in these sectors in the past years, they are in great demand in India and abroad.

JET INDIA institute through its various development programs gives the students an edge over their counterparts in enabling them to prepare themselves for a world that has yet to be created, for jobs yet to be invented, and undreamed. The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation are being met in an integrated form to create a synergetic impact.

In JET INDIA, we produce highly skilled Aviation, Travel & Tourism& Hospitality professionals, many of which are placed in the length and breadth of our country and abroad. The institute constantly tries to climb the ladder of success by organizing various seminars and cultural events and by providing state-of-the-art modern infrastructure. We have a Wi-Fi campus, mock rooms for training and internet-enabled computers so that reference material is a click away. we have a dedicated faculty capable of producing leaders and achievers in a highly competitive global world.

we are committed to the service of the nation and shall continue to shape raw hands in the fields of Aviation, Hospitality & Travel & Tourism at an affordable cost.

Today I feel confident that Jet India is progressing in the right direction to build an academic institution of great social impact. In the end, I take this opportunity to welcome you all at JET INDIA Institute of Aviation & Hospitality Management and wish you all the very best in accomplishing your dreams.

Ms. Shirin Vastani


Ms. Shirin Vastani

Mr. Ram Raina
Director's Message

Dear Trainee,

This is the right time to allow them to expand their horizons and spread their wings. At Jet India, every student is exposed to systematic extensive learning under the guidance of trained and perceptive educators so that they will develop a global outlook. Jet India will spare no efforts to make learning a joyful and sustainable activity for its students, making education a real celebration. The stress-free environment encourages each child to explore, experiment, and discover the world around them. As a Director, I welcome all parents to willingly entrust their wards in our care and we promise to give them schooling that will enable them to compete globally, making them responsible citizens.

‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER’, has been the vocal slogan in and around, reminding us constantly that though every other power exists, the power which comes through Knowledge, can only INSPIRE, RENEW, REDEEM and Jet India, has put a step forward to materialize this beautiful belief into a possible reality, to satisfy the need of the expectant eyes, the hopeful hearts to encounter smoothly, surely and successfully the challenges of the competitive world, battling their way towards a new beginning, a renewal.

Mr. Ram Raina

Director, IIBM’s JET India

Reasons to be at JET INDIA

Platform for Developing a Global Career in Hospitality ,Travel ,& Aviation Industry

Fantastic Infrastructure with assistance of Hotel Facility for hands-on experience

Value for money – Affordable fees in easy installment plan and Bank loan assistance.

Career Focused Courses Recognized by Government of Maharashtra

Globally Recognized Qualifications with Pathway Programs In – BEC Fron university Of Cambridge.

Earn While you Study- Part time Job During the Course

International Exposure

Excellent & Experience Faculty from the industry

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